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Have you ever thought about the hard work of taking care of your clothes?

Who does not want a dirty laundry basket turns into a pile of laundry ironed and folded?

We have the solution to this problem…

Once upon a time there was a magical offer ... This bag laundry offer is for you!

For only 49.- CHF per 5 kilos linen and you have the right to exceed, if you go over we apply a rate of 10.-CHF per kilo more.

How can you use this offer?

  1. Add the Ironed + Folded offer to your basket;
  2. Place your belongings (excluding shirts, blouses and home textiles) in a bag and close it;
  3. The return and delivery of his clothes can be at home or at your place of professional activity; 
  4. We collect, take care of the chore of laundry, treat and notify you by email when your business is ready;
  5. Your clothes will be returned washed and folded, you will only have to store them in your wardrobe.

The laundry bag offering is ideal for all clothes and items that can be folded away and do not require special cleaning.

Very important for good service and good quality:

  • The capacity can of course vary depending on the type of laundry.
  • Whether your bag is half filled or full, the price of CHF 49.00 remains the same.
  • This offer does not take into account the processing of your shirts, blouses and home textiles. Any item not included in this offer will be charged separately by Laundry Vieux-Bourg before the return of your own clothes.
  • Remember that we return your own items in the same bag or bags used for the removal of your items to be processed. You are responsible for ensuring that this is possible in order to guarantee a quality and irreproachable service.e.

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