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We carry out professional cleaning of your carpets from all over the world with water, with neutral soaps, then rinse with fresh water before dehumidification and drying. Our special facilities allow your carpet to look like it used to.

For some years we have been providing our services to private clients, decorators, hotels and restaurants.

The cleaning process is as follows:

  1. First, the carpet is dusted using a mechanized thresher;
  2. The carpet is then washed with plenty of water on a washing train with neutral soaps and then rinsed thoroughly with fresh water;
  3. The carpet is then placed in a centrifugal wringer which eliminates 90% of water, which avoids any risk of discoloration;
  4. For several days, the carpet is dried on bars using dehumidifiers and fans;
  5. Finally, the carpet is vacuumed and wrapped in cellophane.
  6. We take care of your carpet on site, its delivery and storage if necessary.

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