GCS - General conditions of sale

Last updated: 01/05/2020

The establishment of the services of the company « Blanchisserie du Vieux-Bourg" whose trade name is Blanchisserie du Vieux-Bourg is subject to the conditions below, which the Subscriber acknowledges having read and accepts without reservation.

By "Subscriber Client" is meant any responsible person who has decided to use the cleaning and ironing services of Laundry Vieux-Bourg.

Article 1: Mode of Operation

The Subscriber Client, creates his account on one of the platforms www.blanchisserie-bourg.ch.

Thus, the Subscribing Client may make a request for withdrawal of the items he wishes to entrust to our company.

Upon receipt of the subscriber's request, the Vieux-Bourg's Laundry will validate the date and time of withdrawal of the articles.

A delivery person will come to the place to pick up the items.

At the request of the customer, a withdrawal form may be completed and delivered by the delivery person.

On this document will appear: the possible reserves emitted by the deliveryman and the remarks of the customer, the value of purchase of the articles entrusted when it is superior to the scale of compensation of the pressings. This completed form will constitute the "deposit ticket".

24 to 60 hours after the withdrawal of the articles, the Subscriber will receive an invoice by email, to be paid before the delivery by credit card online or to be paid upon delivery.

A deliverer of Laundry of the Vieux-Bourg will return the items entrusted to the day and time confirmed in the billing email (information also present in the customer account of the website).

Article 2: Rates and methods of payment

The prices of services and treatments are visible on the website www.blanchisserie-bourg.ch.

Rates are indicative subject to the control of the laundry on arrival at the cleaning and ironing workshop.

The payment of benefits can be done by credit card, bank transfer and on delivery.

Payment by credit card is made on the secure servers of our payment operator. This implies that no banking information passes via the website www.blanchisserie-bourg.ch or the mobile application.

The credit card registered on the customer account, will be automatically charged the amount due when editing the invoice will be sent by email.

Any amount outstanding at maturity will result in:

  • An increase of this, by adding interest leveled to one and a half times the legal rate, in accordance with the applicable regulations. These interests will accrue until the receipt of the actual payment.
  • The payment of a lump sum of CHF 25, corresponding to the costs of opening an unpaid file.

In the event of the rejection of a bank transfer, payment to the Laundry of Vieux-Bourg of a lump sum of CHF 10, in exchange for additional banking and management fees (reminder mail, telephone renewal fee, representation of the check) .

  • Immediate payment of all invoices not yet due.
  • The suspension or cancellation of any request or service in progress.
  • The possibility of not delivering the items entrusted by the customer.

Article 3. Coupons, Coupon Code and Sponsorship

3.1 Collection

Orders are deducted from credit vouchers, promo code or sponsorship credit.

In the event that a residual credit remains available, the subscriber must contact customer@blanchisserie-bourg.ch so that their account is credited with the difference.

Any cash payment of the residual value of the coupon, coupon code or sponsorship credit is excluded.

If the value of the order exceeds the amount of the credit, the difference will have to be paid by another method of payment.

The subscribing client can inquire at the Laundry Vieux-Bourg about the status and receipt of his credit account.

It is possible to transfer the coupon to a third party. In this case, you agree not to use his code or to communicate it to the third party.

If a coupon, is already cashed on a customer account, it is no longer possible to transfer to another customer account. Coupons for Blanchisserie du Vieux-Bourg can not be refunded or refunded.

Discount coupons can not be combined with other reduction actions, for example "promo code".

3.2 Limitations

In the absence of any indication to the contrary on the coupons, they have a validity period limited to 12 months from their issue. After this period the voucher will expire and it will not be possible for the customer to benefit from the reduction provided on this voucher.

It is not possible to use coupons for the purpose of acquiring other coupons. Except as provided by law, coupons may not be re-downloaded, resold, transferred for consideration, or exchanged for cash.

Sponsorship credits, coupons and promo codes are not cumulative on one invoice and do not cancel the minimum order amount or additional delivery charges.

3.3 Responsibility

To the extent of the applicable regulations, the ownership and risks associated with the discount vouchers are transferred at the time of purchase to the buyer and / or the recipient of the voucher with the delivery of the corresponding document who undertake to keep confidentiality on the coupon code. Laundry Vieux-Bourg declines all responsibility for loss, theft, destruction or any unauthorized use of the coupon.

3.4 Fraud

Laundry Vieux-Bourg reserves the right to close the accounts of subscribing customers and to cancel credits or reductions related to coupons, promotional codes or sponsorship offer, and to claim an alternative method of payment in case of cancellation. cashing acquired fraudulently.

Any cash payment of credit and any transfer of credit to a third party is prohibited.

Any publication of promotional codes for coupons on commercial pages or on third-party web pages, such as business blogs, social networks and forums, is prohibited.

If such a promotional code is nevertheless shared on pages of third party websites, said code may be canceled. The credit available on this date will lose its validity. Credits are not cumulative with other reduction actions, except if Laundry du Vieux-Bourg provides otherwise, the credits are in principle reserved for new customers, godfathers and godchildren.

It is impossible to make a subsequent payment of credits.

Article 4: Cancellation and absence upon delivery

Any cancellation of a withdrawal or delivery must occur no later than 2 hours before the agreed time when ordering or withdrawal.

In the case of incorrect information, inaccuracies or inaccuracies concerning your address and address, no error or delay can be attributed to MIB Clean. The customer agrees to be present at the place of deposit and delivery agreed between the two parties. The customer also agrees to respect the agreed deposit and delivery times. In the absence of the client, Laundry du Vieux-Bourg can not be held responsible. Any absence of the customer at the scheduled time of delivery will result in the billing of an additional delivery package.

In the event of a delay of delivery of the Vieux-Bourg Laundry or impossibility for our organization to carry out the service, and for a reason not attributable to the subscribing Customer, the service will not give rise to invoicing, and will not be able to do not subject to any compensation.

Article 5: Labeling and damage

Under the current regulations, there are two types of labels:

  • the composition label that is MANDATORY (ex: cotton, wool, silk, polyester / cotton, etc ...)
  • the maintenance label which is recommended.

The provider can not be held liable for incorrect labeling or lack of a maintenance label.

Reserves on leather and suede articles:

Since these items are almost never equipped with a maintenance label, we will intervene with caution and diligence, but can not sometimes avoid:

  • small withdrawals, slight loss of flexibility, changes in colors
  • the revelation of hidden defects resulting from manufacturing (stretch marks, parasitic lesions, scars)
  • unpredictable and poorly known phenomena (polymerization of fatty substances) or unavoidable tarnishing of pastel shades).

In these cases, Laundry Vieux-Bourg can not be held responsible.

Reservations on duvets and sofa covers:

All duvets in synthetic, down and feather are taken without guarantee of result, this in agreement with the customer for the halos, the indelible spots, the urine or the blood. Neither for defects that appear after cleaning (loose seams, torn duvet due to wear of the fiber after the mechanical action of cleaning).

The sofa covers have a certain risk of shrinkage, the material and weaving of these parts are subject to withdrawal in contact with water.

The confection already very tight will no longer allow the correct placement of the cover on the sofa, duvet or bedspread.

Any article likely to be difficult to support the cleaning can be refused or accepted under reserves communicated to the customer before treatment.

Snags and rips of minor importance will be stopped at the expense of Laundry Vieux-Bourg without the customer can claim other compensation.

In case of deterioration, the responsibility of Laundry du Vieux-Bourg is not engaged in the following cases:

Washing and ironing of linen by weight, in the case of a mixture of articles not supporting the same treatment, the washing and ironing being carried out without sorting or control.

Ironing, washing and cleaning by the piece:

  • mixed fiber articles without compositional labeling.
  • articles which have undergone special treatments not indicated at the delivery.
  • obviously very worn articles not resistant to normal washing.
  • non-textile accessories such as buttons and trim (breakage, discoloration, melting, deformation, take-off, loss by broken threads, steaming buttons, etc ...)

Laundry Vieux-Bourg will use all the means in its possession and may subcontract the service to one of its contractors to achieve an optimal result of cleanliness and ironing if necessary.

For washing and ironing, due to the professional customs and the impossibility of fixing in an undeniable way the value of the items at the moment they are handed over, the responsibility of Laundry Vieux-Bourg, in case of loss, of theft or of deterioration, the compensation will be calculated on the fixed base of 20 CHF per Kilo entrusted to Laundry Vieux-Bourg, except express declaration on the value of the article at the time of the withdrawal.

Article 6: Claims

Claims must be made at the time of delivery of the article and lead to the establishment of an amicable report, completed and signed jointly by the deliverer and the customer. Any subsequent complaint will be inadmissible.

Article 7: Dispute Resolution

Disputes that may arise are as far as possible settled amicably between the parties.

In the event that the responsibility for Laundry Vieux-Bourg is engaged, the reimbursement will be made according to the scale of the technical center of the dyeing and cleaning which are applied discounts according to the age of the article. Only invoices paid by the customer can attest to the age of the clothes. In the particular case of litigation resulting from a laundry operation, because of the impossibility of fixing in an incontestable manner the value of the articles at the moment when they are handed over, the responsibility of our company is limited, in case of non restitution , at a sum representing 3 times the laundering price.

When an assembly or a part of whole has undergone a deterioration or a loss (three-piece suit, tailor, furnishing, etc.), the whole refund can be made only if all the pieces have been given to clean. In the opposite case, only the part entrusted to be cleaned will be refunded.

Article 8: Time of custody

The entrusted articles can be kept 1 month by our company without supplement. From 1 month to 3 months, the garment can be considered as admitted in custody for payment (2 CHF / day). Beyond 3 months, our company will be able to divest it and any claim to this last place will be considered as inadmissible. High-priced clothing, from the moment it is not received on the prescribed delivery date, is deemed to be a garment to be kept for valuable consideration.

Article 9: Force majeure

Any event beyond the control of the Vieux-Bourg Laundry Department resulting in the malfunction of the services of our company, such as a traffic ban or lane closure (list not to be considered exhaustive) is defined as a case of force majeure .

Article 10: Assignment of Rights and Remedies

The subscriber does not have the right to assign the rights that come under these terms and conditions.

The application of the contractual or commercial conditions of the customer is expressly excluded. The same applies in the case where the provisions of the customer's contractual or commercial conditions have not been expressly refuted and / or if Laundry du Vieux-Bourg provides its services without dispute.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, said invalidity or unenforceability will not affect in any way the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid stipulation that is as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the unenforceable provision.

These General Conditions are governed by Suisse law. In the event of a dispute between the Parties and following a failure of a written complaint from the customer to the customer service or in the absence of response from this service within a reasonable period of one month, the customer may submit the dispute free of charge to a mediator for the extra-judicial resolution of the dispute.

In any event, in the absence of an extra-judicial resolution of the dispute, the Swiss courts will be exclusively competent.

With regard to professionals, the competent jurisdiction is that of the place of the head office of Laundry Vieux-Bourg.

Article 11: Changes to the general terms and conditions of the Laundry service at Vieux-Bourg.

Laundry Vieux-Bourg reserves the right to modify at any time these terms and conditions. The Subscribing Client who has chosen to continue the services of Laundry Vieux-Bourg fully and fully accepts the new terms and conditions.

Article 12: Original text

The general conditions are written in French, Portuguese and English. In case of contradiction, the French version will prevail.